The ORBERA™ System

Gastric balloon insertion and removal
ORBERA™ is a new incisionless, non-surgical option that gives you that edge. That boost. That momentum you need to amplify all of your weight-loss efforts and develop a more confident, healthier lifestyle.

How Does ORBERA Work?

The ORBERA procedure is a comprehensive two-part program, starting with a soft silicone balloon placed temporarily in the stomach for six months to encourage portion control.

What Does the ORBERA Program Include?

The Support Team of Experts

Once the balloon is placed, patients will receive a customized plan and coaching from a support team of experts which may include a dietician, psychologist, and exercise physiologist.

Education & Training

The patient will work with the support team to develop long-term, sustainable, healthy habits that will contribute to maintaining weight loss in the future.

ORBERA Success Stories

FAQs About the ORBERA Balloon Procedure