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Find Accountability to Lose Weight

Find Accountability to Lose WeightWeight loss isn’t a short term affair. To lose weight and to keep it off you will have to make long-term, sustainable changes in your exercise habits and diet. A strong source of accountability can make this process a bit easier.

Even after weight loss surgery, accountability plays a big role in the weight loss process. Your weight loss procedure helps you gain control of hunger and cut your portion sizes, but at the end of the day the food choices, the exercise habits and other lifestyle changes are yours to make or break.

There are several avenues through which you may find weight loss accountability. Family, friends, co-workers and your weight loss center may all function as strong external sources of accountability, while personal goals and expectations may drive you to stay on track as internal sources of accountability. There are also tools freely available to help you track your progress, offering an additional form of accountability to your weight loss goals.

Weight loss accountability comes in all sorts of formats. Here are a few suggestions of accountability resources you may want to check out:

  • Talk to a friend: Find a friend who wants to become your new weight loss buddy and make a commitment to each other. You can work out together, hold each other accountable for diet choices and encourage each other through difficult times.
  • Weight loss journal: This is a form of self-accountability, but it works on the same principal of external motivators. Write your progress in your journal every day. Jot down details like how long you exercised, what you ate and other healthy habits you practiced. You can use this as a resource to track your progress and to hold yourself accountable.
  • Internet tools and apps: Consider signing up for an online program or using a smartphone app to hold yourself accountable even more. Earndit is a website that gives you points every time you log a workout or check in at the gym. The popular phone application Lose It encourages you to log everything you eat and every bit of activity you engage in, kind of like a cyber-weight loss journal. There are many other similar programs out there that use other incentives to help you stick with your goals, as well.

How you choose to keep yourself accountable will have a large impact on your weight loss program. There are resources all around you that you can turn to as you lose weight. Take advantage of the different forms of weight loss accountability available to you in Ft. Myers and use them as resources to push your weight loss efforts to the next level.

Friends with Weight Loss Benefits

Friends with Weight Loss BenefitsGetting gastric band surgery can give your social life a major overhaul. The way you spend your free time will have to change if you want to lose weight. Spending hours on the couch with your family after work, getting together with friends for lunch on the weekends, grabbing a treat on Friday afternoons with your kids—these are all small actions that add up over time.

After weight loss surgery, habits like these have to modified, and you’ll need to incorporate more healthy habits into your daily schedule. This usually means cutting down on sedentary activity, but it doesn’t have to mean cutting down on time spent with loved ones. While adding more “you” time to your day can help with stress management, turning your workout into a social outing can provide a world of its own benefits.

Safety in Numbers: How Friends Can Boost Your Workouts

Picture this scenario: You’ve had a long day at work and your gym bag is sitting in your car. You get on the road and immediately get stuck in traffic. As you inch along the highway any remaining ambition you had to actually go to the gym dwindles. Instead, you head straight home and skip your workout.

Now change it up. You aren’t just going to the gym to work out on your own. Three of your closest friends are meeting you at the park. You are planning on walking several miles while catching up on your week. After an hour you get back in the car, feeling rejuvenated and ready to head home and spend quality time with your family.

This is the difference that working out with friends can make. There is no accountability to go to the gym by yourself, no draw to working out on a treadmill all alone for an hour. But when you add friends to the occasion staying home becomes tougher. Instead of just rationalizing your decision in your head, cancelling involves picking up the phone and providing an explanation.

Exercise is going to be a fundamental aspect of your life after getting your gastric band, so you might as well try to enjoy it. Don’t push yourself to suffer through workouts you can’t stand. Get your friends involved and find ways to get fit that are fun to you.

Walking, jogging, bike riding and swimming are all great aerobic activities that can be done outside with a few buddies. If you are up for something more organized, try joining a non-competitive sports team. Playing basketball, soccer or kickball a few hours a week is another way to add more fitness to your lifestyle without making it feel like so much of a workout.