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Using our BMI calculator, you can determine if you are overweight or not in just 3 seconds. Enter the required information and know your weight category instantly.

The body mass index is calculated as weight divided by height squared. A high BMI is associated with increased health risks. The BMI calculator is an easy screening tool for both men and women 20 years old and older.

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Why Use BMI?

The body mass index also known as the Quetelet index was designed to identify an individual’s ideal weight based on the optimal height-weight ratio. National Institutes of Health (NIH) determined 6 BMI categories for adults:

  • 18.5 and less – underweight;
  • 18.5 – 24.9 – normal;
  • 25 – 29.9 – overweight;
  • 30 – 34.9 – obesity class 1
  • 35 – 39.9 – obesity class 2
  • 40 and more – obesity class 3

BMI is a commonly used, simple, and user-friendly tool at hand. However, being generic, it excludes important specific details such as muscle-to-fat ratio, abdominal obesity, unaverage height, etc., that can’t be ignored when identifying the ideal weight of an individual.

Despite limitations, BMI remains one of the qualifying factors for bariatric surgery for both a physician and an insurance company. At GI Surgical Specialists, we perform a complex check-up to identify rather your weight is healthy for you or not. Then we develop the most effective strategy to manage and maintain it. To start your healthy weight journey, submit an appointment form below or call (239) 313-7522.